Olivier Ozoux - President * aAa * Gaming

  • 1) Firstly, Olivier, could you explain to us your career ?

  • From an academic point of view, I went through prep classes before integrating an ESC. At the professional level, I initially focused on the music industry, before branching out into consumer electronics and e-commerce, where I worked 9 years in the marketing, purchasing and sales fields. About the esport, I discovered the world of competition with the first opus of Counter-Strike in the early 2000s, game on which I created my own team and made my first LANs. I then joined * aAa * 's core staff at the beginning of 2008 before assuming the presidency 6 years late.

  • 2) Why did you knock on the door of * aAa * ten years ago ?

  • I applied to * aAa * at the end of my internship, when I searched a job. I was already interested about esport and knew naturally very well * aAa * for having followed the evolution of the structure since its early years. Having free time outside the job search and sending applications, I applied and joined the association with the desire to make available my skills while discovering, from inside and through a major player, this ecosystem in a more in-depth way.


  • 2013 was a complicated year from an organizational point of view for * aAa *, with departures and arrivals that led to successive "restructurings" at the management level. Several ways have been considered, but none has been unanimous. Given the confusing situation and although reluctant to start, I finally agreed to take the presidency at the end of the year, with the support of Yoann Wezemael. My professional background and my diplomatic nature, coupled with Yoann's operational experience in the esport, have been instrumental in building new foundations and moving forward.

  • 4) Today president of the association, what are your daily functions ?

  • Quickly it is to be responsible and guarantor of the good functioning of the association. This involves administrative and accounting tasks, finding partners and budgets, ensuring the proper functioning of the website, and good team management. All while relying naturally on a team that fully participates in the life of * aAa *.

  • 5) [PROMO TIME]: If you had to pitch * aAa * in a few words, what would you say ?

  • First of all, * aAa * is a historical esport structure, founded in 2000, that has marked a generation of gamers. Holder of many national and international titles as a sports club, * aAa * has also become a media by having in 2004 a website offering since a full following of the esportive news. Known for its esport expertise, the team-aaa.com site gathers every month nearly 150,000 unique visitors, and totals more than 110,000 fans on its social networks. Joining * aAa *, which is a strong esport brand, is the assurance of great visibility, support and know-how that is well established.

  • 6) What skills did you develop during these 10 years at aAa ?

  • From the moment you are responsible of a structure, it's a lot of skills that you develop, or at least continue to develop. If in the past I already had people to manage, I remained nevertheless linked to a service, with a superior. This time there is no one, and the responsibility must be fully focused. I will mention the managerial aspect, but also and especially the management capacity of an entire entity. Administration, accounting, technical, writing, logistics, sportive teams, in a structure like * aAa * it is imperative to not be afraid to touch and to be interested to everything. This makes this responsibility both exciting and challenging.

  • 7) Finally, the Chief's tip : aAa is managed, beyond its associative status, as a company. Is this the condition sine qua non of its longevity?

  • Yes and no. The first reason for its longevity is the passion and investment of its members and the community, as well as the transmission of a story and legacy. However, if these values are essential, it is clear that it is indeed also thanks to sacrifices in recent years and an entrepreneurial desire that * aAa * has remained on the front of the stage, despite an economic context more in addition to binding and the arrival of new powerful actors. After all, it depends on the objectives we set ourselves, but from the moment when your targeted competitors are companies, there is no choice except to become professional in order to stay challenging.

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