What is Gaming Jobs?

Gaming Jobs is a french start-up which references many offers of recruitment and training program in the video game and the Esport industry. You will find offers of volunteering, internship, employment (permanent contract, fixed term contract, interim, freelance) and training.

What is our goal with Gaming Jobs?

The goal of Gaming Jobs is to facilitate communication and exchanges between recruiters and people seeking to enter the video game industry. The video game sector continues to grow everyday, this is why our goal is to help this sector, at our level, by encouraging the professionalization of this environment.

I forgot my password ? What can I do ?

When you forgot your password, you will find the sentence “forgot your password ?” in the bottom left of the login box. Click on it and fill your email address which match with your Gaming Jobs account. ( recruiters or candidates). You will receive after that, a new password sent to your email address.

I've forgotten my email address ? What can I do ?

In this case, despites your various attempts, you didn’t manage to remember your email address used for the creation of your account, we invite you to send an email at : contact [@] jobs.game. In this mail, you will have to communicate some informations related to your account to verify the legitimacy of your request.

How can I contact the Gaming Jobs Team?

You can contact the Gaming Jobs team at : contact [@] jobs.game

How to buy Credits?

To buy credits, you have to create a recruiter account via the recruiter tab available at the top right of your page. You have to choose between your ads, then click on the one you choose. You will be redirected on the shopping card where you will be able to order your pack. ( payment secured through paypal)

My company have multiple subsidiaries, can I create one account for all of them ?

We advise against making multiple accounts, you can specify your subsidiaries on your recruiter profile to centralize all of your candidature in the same recruitment space.

How long does the publication of offers last ?

Publications stay on the platform during 3 months. You can disable your offer at any time if it has been provided. If the ad is disable it will not appear anymore in the Gaming Jobs feed.

Do ads go back automatically? How long?

Offers goes back up on the top of the feed every 14 days, to optimize their visibility and allows us to relay them in our social networks hold by Gaming Jobs.

How to contact you if you have a question, suggestion or problem?

We have set up a specific address for these kinds of requests: support @ jobs.game