What is a Caster Esport?

Caster Esport is a little the host of the "internet" ! Agile in his words, great analyst, the caster, or commentator, is there to animate the actions of the players during an esport dispute, to take stock of the teams or to do a debriefing of the competition in progress.
He can just as well be directly (physically) present during the event , with an event team and possibly other casters, or be in another place, such as a studio via which he will follow the event (live or delayed)

What are his qualities and skills?

The Esport Caster must obviously have significant experience on the strategic aspect of video games, which goes without saying with the good technical gamer jargon!
However, other qualities must remain:

  • A very good speech , in order to best comment on each phase of the current game;
  • A great versatility : the Caster Esport must know how to comment, analyze, and entertain his audience, in order to retain his viewers. Some matches are less dynamic than others, so it's up to the Casters to make them just as interesting;
  • Know how to work in a team as well as alone. In the second case, the caster must be able to correctly use the various streaming software (OBS, Xsplit ...);
  • Must be most impartial possible.


What jobs to do after Caster Esport?

The Caster Esport can, thereafter, choose to stay in the esport and covet from multiple professions such as Coach Esport , or even integrate the latter as a player. However, he can get closer to the sports world , if he has an attraction for a racquet sport for example, (who knows, you may be the next Nelson Monfort!)
Then, 9 out of 10 casters are also steamers / influencers , during their free time. It is a career development that remains "more secure" : you already have a fan base, and are already recognized by brands in the field of video games and Esport!

For practical and additional information, do not hesitate to add testimony of David" Lordvd "Guillet from Millenium !

caster esport live during an international ecomptition

What is the salary of a Caster Esport?

It is rare that the Caster Esport is in a salary contract for an organization (esport or not). Generally, the latter has an independent status , and works in the form of "invoicing" (gratuity) as soon as it is positioned on an esport event. Obviously, the billing is dependent on the game , the notoriety of the event , and the recognition by the public of the caster . The competitions being one-off during the year, and the caster itself being mainly associated with a particular game, it is difficult to expect a living from this activity.
If the Caster is lucky enough to be versatile and touching a lot of games, he can then cast a maximum of events during the year, all seasons of games combined! But it is very complicated to have a deep and strategic knowledge on several games! This is why generally, the casters practice a streamer activity in parallel , in order to count on income such as donations, advertisements or even ops. Special.

What training courses allow you to become Caster Esport?

Already, build on experience. In this area, experience takes precedence over theoretical knowledge (even if the latter is more or less essential). Many began by volunteering with various esport associations, even if it is not financially rewarding. This should be seen as a gain in skills and experience to exercise this activity in the future . Over the months / years, they have been able to build a large repertoire, and in some cases, a reputation sufficient to obtain services!
Certain specialized Esport training courses help you better understand the field, the market and the issues. real. It is still advisable to have a parallel activity .

- Esport University, by Campus Academy
- State diploma in Esport professions by PowerHouseGaming
- Streamer Certification, by Gaming Campus