Are you an advertiser looking for new channels to reach video game enthusiasts (gamers)? This is good, Gaming Jobs, recruiting platform specialized in the world of gaming and esport, has opened its space governed. We offer various rentals of space to allow you to reach highly targeted Internet users: students (or future students) looking for internship or their future training, young people looking for a first job, and assets in search of new professional opportunities. Obviously, each of these segments has a strong propensity to take an interest in the world of video games and / or Esport. </ P>

Note: we feel extremely concerned by the good navigation of users of the platform, as well as the added value / legitimacy of advertising inserts that we put online . In fact, in addition to meeting RGPD standards for data collection and information security, we reserve the right to refuse an advertiser if we consider that its product or service does not bring anything to our users.

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Our pricing :

Entitled Cost Number of advertisers max.
Dressing Page Home 79€ HT / week 1
Dressing Page Training 39€ HT / week 1
Dressing Page Business Sheets 39€ HT / week 1
Banner Page Home 49€ HT / week 3 (random display if> 1)
Branded business cards 150€ HT / year unlimited (random display if> 2)
Note: the above rates may change. Only the quote will prevail.

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